21 December, 2011

i hate this feeling

as mom im believe we have another extra sense instead of 5 senses given by Allah

"the mommy instinct "

when it comes related-regards to the child

im always believe in my "mommy instinct "
the uneasy feeling -really hard to define in words

my little auni has continuosly  attacked with bad coughing
i think almost a week
brought her to see GP once time
so far no wheezing at all

but when after taken @ still taken the medication
still resume the same
every nite she doesnt have a good sleep
same goes to her pity mom (aku ler kan)

sometimes really pity and
sometimes im myself - getting angry easily
since not getting a good sleep , handling her cranky mode - nite by nite
at the end she will cried very loud - getting trigger when its getting longer
betul2 mencabar kesabaran
im totally helpless!!

luckily mom is around to taken care of her while im working
while we are still looking forward to choose taska for both of them
definitely will send them both after xmas

i think its time to bring her to her  paed
but myself-deep in my heart said NO
because i can feel it will be ending a couple of  nite stay in hospital
which is i dont want to...


i dont know how to  tell you this
its hard to explain unless you were on my shoes

as mom we know that something goes wrong  with her
but sometimes i want to throw that bad feeling as far as i can

truly, its still beyond my power

Allah knows very well
he know best for us

may this little angle of mine get well soon-mama loves you so much.and its eternity !!

mode -- :-'(


Anonymous said...

semoga cepat sembuh sayang

ibuafiqahhuzaifah said...


same goes to me..zaifah kena neb 2x dalam tempoh semgu..
ni blum recover..
continue zithromax..
harap ada penyelesaian..

risau..n kita dah pakai talian hayat!..

Kunang-Kunang said...

Assalamualaikum Lynn,

Didoakan semoga anak tak apa2 dan sihat segera kiranya dia sakit.