03 August, 2010

when my last time im pampered myself?

lamanya..........sangat lama
kalo dikira dgn tahun mungkin sebelum kawin dulu..5 years back
kalo dikira dgn hari mungkin 1825hari
kalo dikira dgn jam mungkin sudah 43800jam lamanya
atau dikira dgn detik minit 2628000 minit
belum lagi counted on second lagik..huahuaa..

amboi..........lama betul rupanya
aku x de masa nak membelai diri
yg ku pakai selama hampir 31 tahun nih
nak mandi scrubbing lama2 dlm bilik air pun dah lama x ku buat
apatah lagi nak bermanja2 ke spa
pergi berurut otot2 yg tegang nih
nak pg facial muka..lagiler xde masa
nak g sauna,nak g saloon
ya allah mmg lama sesgt aku x sempat pamper dr sendiri

bila last time
aku shopping complete set of body treatment
face treatment.......aku LUPA SESANGAT!!
nak beli make up pun rushing sana-sini
x sempat nak membelek pun

sejak anak 2 nih
instead of worked
my life surround at home only
up & down with domestic chores
buzz up with tight dateline
tied up with limited time & resources
waaaaaaaaaa..mana aku ada masa kan..

just now,im just thinking
why dont im do something for myself

instead worked so hard all this while
why dont this called it a treat

when i started to seen this cracked feet
unpolished skin face
the rough skin here & there
wrinkle starting to deepen into my skin
unbalance texture of my skin condition & colour
scar?whitehead?whatever u called it..
the stiffness muscle that hardly taken rite now
the accumulated of an extra kg (that can be seen direct from my chubby faces,tight jeans & L Blouse intead of M size before)
(how i wish to shed off few kg..)
how i wish to fit in size 27 for my jeans
make me really wanted to DO SOMETHING

i dont blame others
it might due to unbalance diet since im pregnant my lil booboo
keep said "im eating for two my fren.."
lightly handled my "confinement time"
im keep focused to both of my kids & ignoring my self
take it easy way by keep eating out all the time
(when im always late to be home)
and im always couldnt resist the sweet temptation (cuppies,cakes,pudding,choco)
keep eyeing for fast food instead of healthy food (home cook)
cant resist my oily tomyam soup,sweet & sour fish,seafood temptation
Keep indulged to my fav cup of coffee
that master distributor the sum of cellulite here & there
and always forgot to drink a lots of water
haiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...this lady aaa..

lazyness to WORK OUT!!huhuhu..
lazyness might be the CORRECT words

before its too late
just before this ramadhan begin
im thinking to try out something
it may not be FAST WAY to solve all those problem
But nothing can be done without taking first step AHEAD
im really hope my NEXT thing buying will be worth enough
to help me out
at least will show better result even small result
(i will be most happy i think)

starting with aiming certain magic tools
hopefully it works & blend well with my problem
later will update what is the magic tool ok..

wish me LUCK!!

here a few article for anyone that think the SAME as i am:

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DrSinga said...

kadang2 rasa nak menspakan diri...
lepas tu...pikir2kan balik...
membazir je...macam2 pikir...contohnya...'beli baju raya budak2 laaagi berbaloi...'
so....tak lah ber-spa lepas tu...

littlehumblelynn said...


baju raya anak2 sudah awal2 ku beli..malas nak bershopping-mopping tgh bulan posa..bukan nak pg SPA ler Dr..ada mission lain..huhuhu!!