19 October, 2010

when your body system telling you to stop it !!

time flies so fast

november around the corner

when comes to end of the year

im definitely will starting googling here & there

searching up & down

fancies towards "cuti-cuti malaysia" song

we need a break pls...

terribly need after 1 year working like machine

since school holiday will be start on mid of november

so why dont we pack a bag

find a suitable place for family to get together

nothing much fancies..doesnt mean to be costly

as long is something we called it getaway @ holiday @ short break

im always wanted to go to PENANG

never been there (in a real word..sightseeing,taste buds,stay a nite or two)

usually im only passed by penang from PLUS highway

and is not proper planning actually

so i think this will be a great if im manage to get there this november/december

and my kak long will be good travel guide ever

as her in law family stayed there

i dont know whether need to travel by car @ plan to find better bargain thru airasia

but as friend of mind informed

for better explore,save cost go travel by your own car

(but pls say sorry for the heavy traffic during school holiday/traffic jammed/long journey)

so u dont have to hunt for cabbies out there

with the 2 kids & luggages some more

so this will be a better idea as well to be consider rite ;

as a part of checklist to my self :

  • set a date

  • duration

  • budget (travel+hotel+food+shopping+emergency)

  • which hotel to stay(most important i wanted it to be nearby beach side..batu feringghi will be a great i think)

  • interesting places to visit

  • interesting food to taste & where it is ?

  • luggage packing

  • shopping list as well..muaahhaahaa..

  • last but not least-any relative/friends to visit?

so next 2 week is a great time to discuss further with en papa especially when its come to budget matter & timing to be consider.

en papa always loves to hear his wife planning & keep planning as long as he wont pening then..........hehehe..

cant wait to pack..cant wait to start our hotel hunting again(looking for better/cheapest/value buy bargain)..cant wait to see kak ain say hurray...and the best thing cant wait to golek2 with the kids at sandy beach.....taking picca's around & the best thing should be sightseeing activity.

how i wish everything will become true shortly :)

**ada sesapa dok penang..kat mana yg paling best nak stay (yg penting x mahal sgt..yg just nice)..yg dekat serba-serbi..any recommendation kwn2?really appreciate it if you have one .


ComeyBelako said...

cb stay kat kulim. mw cuba surf base on budget mw. have a nice holiday planning!

Marsha~ said...

sy pun teringin nak gi mana2 short vacationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.........penat sgt keje niiiiiiiiii.. :(