28 November, 2012

im a proud working MOM!

dalam hati meronta2 nak update blog
nak merepek dalam blog terchinta nih
tapi as usual niat tak seiring dgn perbuatan

my job is piling and the list will be never end
with limited energy
time constraints
juggling between being mum,wife & full time working mum

mengejar closing end month Nov
mengejar pulak utk closing year end 2012
mengadap report yang sumer nak ad-hoc
melayan para boss yang makin bossy hujung2 tahun nih
buat sakit kepala!!

but still this is my job, my responsibilty
i love doing my job
its a part of me - my obsession
and im used to it
kalo aku merempan, lepas stress pun
its normal as human being
even dok rumah pun ramai meroyan stress jugak dlm Fb
but to wave goodbye to my current job
rasanya belum masanya !

i dont get any idea
for myself to tender resignation
and become a full time housewife

because i know nothing
instead of what im doing now
yes !!
that's me :(

im not like other super mom outsides
who can bake, who can sew,who can make craft
who is good in doing bussiness
who is granted with super natural talent !

thats make me thing
its not a right time

become a fulltime working mom
doesnt make me richer
but make me fully occupied

im also done a house chores like other's mom too
woke up early morning
prepare breakfast, even cook for lunch before going to work
and make dinner as well after get back from work
done laundry job nite time
cleaning,sweeping floor after dinner
play with the kids
bedtime stories
attend to Ain homeworks
assist on her phonetic
groceries shopping on weekend
and the list goes on

thats make me wonder
where the energy come from?

its a matter of responsibility

i just want to be a better person
become a good wife
become a good mum
become a loyal SERVANT
become a good staff

*its just a self explanation entry -even im fulltime work mum im still doing my job as mom- doesn't make me an excuse for not become a good mom to kiddos!

Quality time is better than quantity ok :))

*its really irritated to seen quarrel between mom's nowaday especially on Fb

an issue that always been raised :-

-between breasfeed or not
-between working or not
-choice of kids kindergarden
-choice of hospital
-paed issue
-gynae issue


its a bit complicated
when you're start comparing
and claims you're better than others


whatever choice we have taken

please bear on mind
respect others choices as well
doesnt mean your choice is better than others

Every mom's want to provide a best for their own child
with their own capability
with their own resources

yes ,definitely IS TRUE!


mama maman aka yana said...

tak kisah apa cara sekalipun.. insyaallah akan ok jika kita ikhlas dan lakukan dengan redha..:)

Dr Singa said...

panjangnya entri hari inii!!!!

Imaan09 said...

saya sukeeeeeeeee entry ini!! membuatkan saya rasa nk improve diri working mom..!

Imaan09 said...

sebut pasal breastfeed or not..
susu merudum di usia Nouri 9bulan.. mula terpikir 2-3 bulan ke hadapan! huhhh..

Daddy Ziyyad said...

Being a housewife is actually a fantastic job.

But need to go to work, and bila balik jadi housewife, itu double fantastic !