23 October, 2009

Cold Allergy si Auni

akhirnya setelah puas ku searching dlm internet nih
baru ku tau
si auni mengalami allergi kepada kesejukkan
kesian auni

dan misi aku yg seterusnya utk membeli AIR HUMIDIFIER HOT & COLD
utk kegunaan auni
utk diletak dlm bilik tido ku
smg dpt mengurangkan alerginya

aku terbaca dlm 1 blog

aku paste dicn:

Last week, hubby bought the latest Sharp air purifier cum humidifier. Alycia has been having colds and throat infections too often and hopefully, with this air purifier placed in the gals’ bedroom, it will help to reduce her nose allergy and colds.
This air purifier has a clean Plasmacluster ion shower mode with humidification, where it acts to remove airborne dust, pollen, mold and allergens from the air. There is even a water tank built inside the air purifier. I don’t know how effective this air purifier is but I really hope it will help to reduce Alycia’s allergy and frequent colds. It better be good coz it cost over RM1,600.
Do you use an air purifier too? Do you see any improvement in your kids’ health after using it?

jd aku bertanya pd ramai expert thru internet
ini antara cara yg di galakkan
selain penggunaan nasal spray
utk nose congested
warm environment
say no to aircond..

smg auni cepat sembuh
kasihan anakku
sayang auni..

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