12 April, 2010

my little IRDINA

this photo taken at TIARA BEACH RESORT PD poolside

on last few weeks ago

i'll update the pic's later on..

and the story as well..

my little

goin to 8 month this 17-04-2010

loves to laugh

loves to hug her bantal busyuk....
and also loves to stealed her kak ain bantal busyuk as well
(when kak ain is away..)

loves to crawling around the floor
(even under the sofa)

loves to talk loud..(repeat the same things..)
especially when no one entertained her ...

loves to eat her porridge..yummy..yummy

she hates strangers..she can CRIED so loud if someone is trying to hold her

by the way

you still the apple of EYES

mama loves you so much!!

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